Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

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Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby totempole » 06.09.2017 21:19:39

When I use the Full-Screen Preview or Window Catalog there is always a giant grey window called "Windows Shell Experience Host" on every desktop. I can't minimize it or close it (it comes back right away).

Is there anyway to clear it?
Does anyone else have this problem?

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby sangroyal » 16.09.2017 00:51:22

Hi. Experienced the same issue using Windows 10 Pro, latest updates and build. What worked for me was:
1. Open Task Manager
2. Select Details tab - top right.
3. Under NAME in the far left column, locate the process "ShellExperienceHost.exe"
4. The status of the process might already be "Suspended".
5. Ignore that status. Right mouse click on "ShellExperienceHost.exe" and select "End Process Tree".

Hope this works for you as it did for me.

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby totempole » 17.09.2017 22:31:00

Thanks that seems to eliminate it.

It gives a warning that it could cause user experience problems if closed but I haven't noticed any negative consequences. It does have to be done every reboot though.

I have a similar problem when activating windows catalog where default apps that should be closed pop up. Things like settings, store and groove music. I suspect I could deactivate them in task manager the same way, but I'm not going to do that every time. I'm not sure why people would want to use a feature in that manner unless it's just my computer.

Great product regardless.

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby sangroyal » 18.09.2017 03:24:54

Hi again. Good catch about the issue returning on reboot after ending the process tree to "ShellExperienceHost.exe". As I am constantly logged into my laptop and travelling I was unware the problem would return. Now that I am, it also returns on logoff/logon.

I've tried a few things and found one workaround to the issue at hand that permanently works for me which was to revert to an earlier version of Dexpot; specifically version 1.6.12 Build 2416 running under Windows 10 Pro Creators; version 1.6.13 harbors the same issue. Earlier versions at this link:

Considering what I have tried, it "appears" to be looking more and more like a bug/design flaw problem with a recent Windows 10 update; incompatible with both 1.6.14 and 13.

What did not work for me:
- Clean uninstall and fresh install of 1.6.14 + reboot.
- Login to PC as another user. Includes new Windows user profile.
- Changing and experiementing with "Personalized" desktop backgrounds, color, Fits, themes etc, and in different combinations.
- Investigated possible registry issue. No luck.

What I have eliminated/observed so far:
- Issue is with the "Windows Shell Experience Host" blank window appearing when Dexpot virtual desktops are tiled in Full Screen mode.
- If you have two monitors, in Full scrren mode the annoying blank "Windows Shell Experience Host" window(s) will appear only on the monitor you nominated as your "main monitor" but never the second display.
- Issue is not present using Dexpot 1.6.12 (workaround I have chosen for now)
- Issue is not present using Windows 7 Ent SP1 latest Windows updates.
- Issue is not present using Dexpot 1.6.13
- Issue is present using Windows 10 Pro Creators latest Windows updates.
- Issue is present using Windows 10 Ent latest Windows updates.
- Not a Dexpot "profile" issue.
- Not a display or graphic driver issue.
- Not a Display Adapter settings issue.

When time permits, will continue to look and post what I find. In the meantime, as much as I understand there is a downside to reverting to an earlier version, it's one I'm prepared to tolerate for now. I Hope this workaround suits you and the informaion posted helps in some way.

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby sangroyal » 18.09.2017 03:28:37

CORRECTION to my previous POST.
- Issue is present using Dexpot 1.6.13

lol. Jet lagged.

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby snow » 28.11.2017 16:37:26

Glad to see this topic. I've been happily using Dexpot for years, and since moving to Windows 10, these various Windows app windows clutter my TaskBar pager (which I rely on heavily) to the point that it impacts my ability to use it to see what I have running on the various desktops. As noted, this is not only for Windows Shell Experience Host, but also for other Windows apps like Store, Photos, Calculator. In general these are not apps I have chosen to start on startup, and I'd be happy to not have them startup - but I haven't figured out how yet.

In terms of these phantom windows in the TaskBar pager They start on one of the desktops and then clone themselves as I move to other desktops. Just to be clear these windows are associated with various processes, but none of these processes currently have any actual windows open on any of my desktops - it just appears in the TaskBar pager. Interesting that these processes that do not actually have a visible window still have these phantom windows in the TaskBar pager - and this specifically a Windows 10 phenomenon.

Sometimes I have some luck with reducing the impact by choosing 'Cose -> on all other desktops' (via right click over the window in the taskbar pager), but chosing 'Close-> Everywhere' or 'Close -> On this desktop' does not work to actually shut down the app. The only way that works, as noted above is to end the process via task manger.

Going back to 1.6.12 build 2416 did not do the trick for me unfortunately. So I'm currently left with ending their tasks as they appear in TaskManager.

Would love to see this addressed!

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby dkyrtata » 08.05.2018 21:22:36

I have two solutions. The first one is the correct one, but I'll post the second one in case it is useful for anyone.

Solution 1:
Put the following entry In your ini file (wechsel.ini) found in the Dexpot folder under "Program Files (x86)". You can omit the first line if it is already in the file.

Solution 2: I have found that when you kill the "Windows Shell Experience Host process", Windows 10 will restart it, but without the annoying "ghost" icons. The command can be created as a shortcut and then put into a BAT file so that it runs whenever you reboot. Since the command must be run as Administrator, you must create it as a shortcut with admin privileges. This is the command that must be created as a shortcut: taskkill /f /im "ShellExperienceHost.exe"

To create a shortcut of this command do these steps:
1) Right-click on the desktop, select New, and then select shortcut.
2) In the window that comes up under "Type the location of the item", type the following command:
taskkill /f /im "ShellExperienceHost.exe"
3) click "Next" and then give the shortcut a name:
4) click "Finish"
5) Right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties"
6) Optional: give the shortcut an icon by clicking on the "Change Icon..." button. Select an icon.
7) Select on the "Shortcut" tab and click on the "Advanced" button. Click on "Run as administrator" checkbox.
8) Click on the "Apply" and "OK" buttons.
9) Double click to run the shortcut or call it from a BAT file like this: "killShellExperienceHost.lnk"

Now create a BAT file with the name of the shortcut in it: "killShellExperienceHost.lnk"

Put the BAT file and the shortcut file in your startup folder under your user id (deep under). For example, my user id is dkyrtata. So I would put the files in C:\Users\dkyrtata\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

If the AppData folder is not visible, you must go into Folder Options and select the radio button, "Show hidden files, folder, and drives".

To go into Folder Options (Windows 10), select the "view" menu of any folder window. Double click on "options" from the ribbon, click on the "view" tab, and select "Show hidden files, folder, and drives".

That's it!

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Re: Windows Shell Experience Host - Intrusive Window

Postby scofficial » 20.04.2019 11:50:42

Had same problem. Due to this post now i am able to solve it by the solutions given by others. Thank you everyone for helping out.

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