Dexpot cannot bring application to new desktop

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Dexpot cannot bring application to new desktop

Postby shakey_p » 25.10.2017 23:50:26

Example scenario: I have several virtual desktops. I have a browser open on desktop 1, I am on desktop 2, and I click a link in email to open in a browser. Dexpot cant seem to pull the browser that is open on Desktop 1 to Desktop 2. I see a brief flash of the outline of the browser window from Desktop 1 on Desktop 2, but then it disappears and the browser stays on Desktop 1. The link opens and works fine but Dexpot cannot seem to transfer windows between desktops unless I intentionally move them with Preview or a hotkey. This happens with all applications and all windows, not just browsers.

I know this is not the normal behavior as I have Dexpot installed on several hosts and only 1 host has this problem. Why can't Dexpot pull an open window from another desktop to the current desktop?

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