Buying Dexpot: How?

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Buying Dexpot: How?

Postby iamfoo2002 » 29.10.2014 18:24:23

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but anyway...

I use Dexpot at home, and would like to use it at work, so I understand that I need to pay for it...but...the reseller link goes to, and that's a (very) badly organized site. It has two search buttons---one which never works, one which doesn't display any results for Dexpot. It seems the only way to find it is to wade through thousands of pages of software for sale (4125 pages, to be exact).

So, question is, is it really there somewhere? If not, how can I buy it? Am I just not seeing something?

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Re: Buying Dexpot: How?

Postby Patrick » 29.10.2014 19:05:56


You can buy a license directly from our website:

You only have to go through a reseller if you can't (or don't want to) use PayPal. In that case, you probably have to contact SHI by email or phone.

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