Cudos + brilliant donation reminder

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Cudos + brilliant donation reminder

Postby elof » 27.12.2012 14:07:37

I just wanted to say thanks for a great app.

Also, I think your "donation-reminder" at 1000 desktop switches was brilliant.
I didn't have much money on my PayPal account, but you just got what was in there. :)

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Re: Cudos + brilliant donation reminder

Postby Sebastian » 27.12.2012 14:37:01


thank you, Martin.
Best regards (wave)
Sebastian Brands, Dexpot GbR

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Re: Cudos + brilliant donation reminder

Postby cyb » 19.09.2014 11:00:52

Same here.

Just created a forum account to thank you for this fantastic app.
My windows 7 PC is now configured with the exact same window behavior I had in Snow leopard (including active corners).
Very very very well done ! Thanks a lot for this excellent job !

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