Bug - Losing floating panels to other desktop

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Bug - Losing floating panels to other desktop

Postby jaspermuts » 09.11.2011 13:50:26

OS - Win 7 Professional 64-bit
Application - Eclipse
Three monitor extended setup: Laptop (excluded from switch) - Monitor (default) - Monitor

Using Eclipse I have a floating panel for the Navigator outside the main application window.
I have the main application window maximized on the far right monitor and it's navigator panel floating on the middle monitor.

It happens quite often that this panel is moved to another desktop than the main application is on.
Since it's a panel and not a 'real window' there's No Dexpot item in the context menu of it's titlebar.
It is however possible to use the hotkeys to move it to the correct desktop. (I just found this out typing this message). So it is fixable, but of couse it shouldn't happen that a panel is on another desktop.

I tend to lock my computer via Win+L a lot (office policy), I'm not sure but it might be possible the problem occurse right after that.

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