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Still problems with Windows "randomly" being copied

Posted: 22.02.2012 10:41:35
by stolsvik
[Just to vent my frustration right away: This is VERY annoying, and it nearly totally ruins my experience with Dexpot, which otherwise is a VERY nicely crafted piece of software.]

As I mentioned in this post in 2010, I experience windows-copying. I still do, and I see others in the forum are also experiencing this. My comments in the linked thread mentions a specific, reproducible case about Chrome: If it is the default browser, and thus is the one opening links from other apps, the Chrome instance will be copied to the current desktop when opening a link, if it is not already on that desktop. Thus: insta-copy.

I still experience copying with Chrome more than other windows. However, I now also see it with Visual Studio 2005. And with Citrix.

One thing that maybe triggers this: My Lenovo Thinkpad sits in a dock, with a screen attached. If I rip the machine out of the dock, stuff happens (as Windows suddenly have to shuffle the windows onto just the one laptop screen). And I believe this might be one of the situations where I suddenly have copies.

Basically: In my situation, I typically NEVER want copies. Couldn't that be an option to totally eliminate the problem? I guess Dexpot have a list for each desktop of which windows reside there. Couldn't one make it an option to ENSURE that it was just in one list? And also - WHICH situations can possible trigger the situation where it appears in more-than-one?

Re: Still problems with Windows "randomly" being copied

Posted: 22.02.2012 14:00:47
by Patrick

Have you tried changing the setting "Behavior of windows on other desktops" (Settings > Plugins and Extras)?

Re: Still problems with Windows "randomly" being copied

Posted: 22.02.2012 16:28:09
by stolsvik
Certainly seems like that was the problem with Chrome, given the name and values of that option, yes. Hopefully everything revolves around this one problem.

Re: Still problems with Windows "randomly" being copied

Posted: 08.08.2012 16:26:39
by jjm
Just found this through Google -- the "random" window copies were pretty crazy there for a while for me too. Maybe the default should just be "Switch to desktop"? (I've never used a virtual desktop manager that by default copied Windows)