1.6 Beta Feedback

Feedback regarding the public beta of Dexpot is highly appreciated in this forum.

1.6 Beta Feedback

Postby Wizard » 11.11.2011 13:59:38

Hey guys,

I'm using Dexpot for a while now and find it great and useful. I use it for work - to switch desktops between a full screen model image of the project i'm working with and many applications on the other desktops.

This version (the beta) is a bit better then the previous 1.5 from my p.o.v., it runs smoother and faster and consumes less computer resources.

Also i wanted to share that there's an annoying bug realted to full screen images, it happened on previous versions as well, this bug makes the image from the image viewer desktop 'jump' to other desktop once in a while (while switching between desktops), i added a rule to prevent this and it works most of the time, but sometime it requires to switch between desktops a couple of times and/or to click on the desktop icon numbers on the taskbar to enforce the rules. This bug is not disturbing in normal use, it is rather a bit annoying.

I'm using windows 7 x64 on a hiend workstation, all drivers, patches and services packs updated to latest.

Best regards,

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