Missing Desktop Icons

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Missing Desktop Icons

Postby dje » 16.10.2011 04:15:48

I've just downloaded and installed the beta and trying to configure my desktops. In Desktop windows only roughly half my desktop icons are shown, doesn't matter if I press Hidden, Preview etc. there are quite a few missing but they show on all 4 Windows.
How do I get them to show in Desktop windows so I can allocate them to a specific desktop?


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Re: Missing Desktop Icons

Postby Patrick » 16.10.2011 14:41:46


The missing icons are probably located in the public desktop folder shared by all users. You have to move the corresponding files from the shared desktop folder to your user's private desktop folder. Depending on your Windows version, the shared desktop folder is either C:\Users\Public\Desktop (Windows 7) or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop (Windows XP).

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