taskbar icon: open window not shown

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taskbar icon: open window not shown

Postby selden » 16.09.2011 01:43:49

Sorry: I don't have a log for this problem and was unable to reproduce it, which is frustrating.

I am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 with Dexpot 1.5.99 build 1722
with separate Desktop folders.

I had two Cygwin Bash terminal windows open but minimized.
(They are shown in the taskbar with the same icon as is used for CMD windows.)
The taskbar icons are configured to be shown on all virtual Desktops.
I selected the taskbar terminal window icon
I selected the image of the terminal window I wanted to open.
Dexpot changed to the Desktop where the terminal window had first been opened.
No terminal window opened.
I clicked on the terminal window icons several times, but the terminal windows never appeared on any virtual Desktop.
I exited from Dexpot.
I still could not get the terminal windows to open.
I logged out (killing all open programs).
I logged back in, started Dexpot, opened and minimized two terminal windows.
I had no problems opening them from different virtual Desktops.
I just realized that the first time (when they failed) I might have opened and minimized the terminal windows before I started Dexpot.

I'll have to shutdown Dexpot, logout and try that sequence. Back in a few minutes.
Nope. It didn't fail that time, either.

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