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Using Firefox with Dexpot

Posted: 07.12.2018 19:00:53
by swest

First-time poster. I have searched, both Google and using this Forum's search tool, and have found nothing on this subject.

I ordinarily use Chrome, but I am seriously considering going back to Firefox.

However, I have found that my Firefox window does not appear to recognize that Dexpot is present. When I right-click on the Firefox top bar, I don't get (as I do on every other window on my system) a choice to select Dexpot (for relocation, or whatever). It simply is absent.

Am I doing this wrong for Firefox? Can it be done with Firefox?


- s.west

Re: Using Firefox with Dexpot

Posted: 15.02.2019 14:06:17
by Zafar Iqbal
It used to work but stopped not too long ago. I actually came here to look for a solution.

Re: Using Firefox with Dexpot

Posted: 09.05.2019 21:42:19
by samjonas

thanks for posting. I was looking for the same and I came across your thread.

Best Regards !!