switch with swipes

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switch with swipes

Postby stellewind » 22.03.2014 17:40:31

I have been using dexpot for a week, it is super awesome. only have one request for future develoment

if dexpot can switch between desktops with just multifinger swipe on trackpad, like mac does, it would be perfect

not sure if this feature is already exist, at least I didn't find it at settings. if it does not exist, please add it

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Re: switch with swipes

Postby Varandas » 26.03.2014 15:42:24

If you're using a laptop with an Elantech-Touchad (check in control panel - if the laptop is not from the stone ages it will either be Elantech or Synaptics), there actually is a way to get what you want. I don't know about Synaptics-Touchpads, but maybe there is a way too.

First, you need to install a suitable driver - my preference is version since I found that to be way superior to anything else (especially the Asus-Drivers... ugh). Then you will need to open your registry (type regedit in the Windows search and hit enter) and navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Elantech/". Make a backup!

Then look for the "SmartPad"-Key and change the following keys to the specified values (doesn't matter if you change it to decimal or hexadecimal values since those are the same for small values):
  • FourFingerMove_Enable = 1
  • FourFingerMoveLeft_Enable = 1
  • FourFingerMoveLeft_Func = 4
  • FourFingerMoveRight_Enable = 1
  • FourFingerMoveRight_Func = 3
Open up the Elantech settings dialogue from the control panel and change something to force the driver to reload it's settings - if that doesn't work, restart or lock your computer.

Then you need to tell Dexpot to use those values for changing the desktops. Open up the settings and look for Control/Switch Desktop/Next (and previous) Desktop and check "Allow hotkeys without modifiers". Click in the textbox, perform a four-finger swipe to the left or right and uncheck all modifiers. Apply.
If the textbox says something like "Keycode 166" or "Keycode 167" it should be working. If not, try again :)

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Re: switch with swipes

Postby Patrick » 26.03.2014 15:52:09


Thanks for posting your Elantech guide. :ok:

For Synaptic touchpads: Trackpad Gestures - WORKING


Re: switch with swipes

Postby Abdullah » 25.05.2014 19:14:49

Hey there,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I just came from Ubuntu where I was using Touchegg to custom code gestures in XML.

What I want to ask is, how did you know that the values 3 and 4 will allow for "Key code 166" and "Key code 167"? I wanted to add more elaborate functionality and I cant seem to find any mapping between the numbers and the functions that are triggered. I am looking to make a complete multi-touch experience and release a registry edit for ElanTech touchpad users.

Is there any mapping? cheat sheet? pattern? documentation? Anything at all to indicate what the how these values relate to actual functions or unbound key codes or key combinations, maybe that will point em in the right direction.

Thank you :)

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Re: switch with swipes

Postby Varandas » 10.06.2014 14:09:45

Sorry for the late reply, I've only just seen your post.
Regarding a cheatsheet: There's one on Pastebin that worked pretty well for me, although not everything in there is correct. I can't find the source for the Keycodes 166/167 anymore, but I think I saw something about them on reddit.
And, should you be interested: I have compiled a .reg that pretty much perfectly suits my needs, so you could either use that or base you on edits on it. But, as I said above, you should be using to get the most out of it - I haven't yet found any driver that works better than that one.

  • left and right click: as is
  • one finger tap: left MB
  • two finger tap: right MB
  • two finger click: middle MB
  • two finger swipe: horizontal/vertical scrolling
  • three finger swipe left/right: backward/forward
  • three finger swipe up: Alt+Tab
  • three finger swipe down: show desktop
  • four finger swipe left/right: Keycode 166/167 -> Dexpot next/previos desktop
  • four finger swipe up: open Computer
  • plus some tweaks for convenience

One other thing: Should you want to use programs like Photoshop that require you to press a key and use you touchpad, you might need to change

Code: Select all


to 0 in addition to my registry tweaks for the touchpad.
Edit: Oops, I just saw I already had included that in the .reg. But now you know what the first edit is good for ;)

Hope that helps a bit!


Re: switch with swipes

Postby kaka » 01.04.2015 21:48:50

Works like a charm.


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Re: switch with swipes

Postby milan081 » 03.06.2015 10:48:42

Thanks for the guide !!!

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