unique desktop icons & folders not working?

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unique desktop icons & folders not working?

Postby awaqa909 » 13.02.2015 09:02:14

I finally reinstalled dexpot.
Before I was using 1 desktop as my main, and another strictly for blender. desktop 2 could have its own icons n folder n files, would not mess with desktop 1 if you moved or deleted them.

I'm trying to do the same, but with a few more desktops now, and running into issues.

I was having issues with creating a file on desktop 2, it would appear on all of them, moved a icon on desktop 1/2/3/4 it would move on all.. then I enabled desktop manager, dragged a file to desktop 2, it removed a bunch of icons/files from 2/3/4 desktops, and added desktop 1/2/3/4 folders in my windows user folder.
so I thought I was home free, started deleting other icons only to find out they where being removed from my main desktop

... Don't know what im doing wrong.


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Re: unique desktop icons & folders not working?

Postby Patrick » 13.02.2015 20:31:55


[FAQ] How to place different icons on each desktop

Note the "Some icons are visible on all desktops" section.

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