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Move entire desktop between monitors - KVM switch workaround

Posted: 14.01.2015 01:18:50
by SomeOldJoe
Thinking about checking out Dexpot, but curious if it can support my particular application.

I have 2 PCs (1 work, 1 personal) and 3 Displays. The 3rd Display is shared across both work & personal PCs via KVM switch (only monitor switched) allowing quick switch between WorkPC-2Monitor/PersonalPC-1Monitor setup and WorkPC-3Monitors.

When switching from WorkPC/3 Monitors to WorkPC/2 Monitors setup, all windows assigned to 3rd monitor get dispersed between monitors #1 and #2 (haven't paid attention to Windows assignment alorithm... believe everything gets shifted -1). What I'd like to do is essentially treat a virtual desktop as a distinct unit and move it from one monitor to another which would essentially allow re-creation of 3 monitor config quickly (and/or arrangement of 2 when switch back).

Being able to minimize/maximize a virtual desktop and/or moving desktops between monitors should do the trick. Possible in Dexpot?

Re: Move entire desktop between monitors - KVM switch workar

Posted: 10.02.2015 01:19:12
by Patrick

No, that's not possible. Sounds more like a job for a multi monitor tool (e.g. Display Fusion).