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Questions about multiple desktops with icons

Posted: 13.12.2014 18:21:50
by Edenen
I finally tried dexpot, it's definitely a program that improves productivity. Great job to the creator! It is by far the best multiple desktop app I have tried, and I have tried many.

I have a few questions and feature suggestions after going through the program though.

1) are more than 4 desktops available or is the limit 4?

2) When using the the option customize separate desktops > create separate desktop for each folder, you cannot copy and paste across desktops (nothing happens, it fails silently with no error) and you cannot cut and paste (gives an item not found error).

3) Can you use shortcut keys to switch desktops (or something similar) while moving files? Ex: drag a file (to drop it somewhere), then switch desktops via a hotkey, and drop the file on the second desktop a folder in the second desktop. I couldn't find a way to do this, or switch desktops via any sort of key press or command while moving files.

4) Does the commercial version also include Open Candy?

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Re: Questions about multiple desktops with icons

Posted: 15.12.2014 22:27:37
by Patrick

1) You may increase the desktop count at "Settings > General > Number of desktops". The limit is 20.

2) Yes, that's a Windows limitation.

3) Look like it's possible, but not with the default hotkeys using the Alt key as modifier. Go to "Settings > Controls > Hotkeys > Switch desktop" to change them. Ctrl+number appears to work, for example.

4) No, the commercial version does not include OpenCandy.

Re: Questions about multiple desktops with icons

Posted: 18.12.2014 22:44:26
by Edenen
Thanks for answering the questions, Patrick.

After evaluating the software more, I prefer the "create each desktop as a different folder" option over "create a shared folder for all desktops" because it makes desktops easier to move and manage in the filesystem/explorer. (The former option appears to "hide" icons not relevant to the current desktop from the user, as all desktop items appear in on the user's desktop when viewed in in explorer, creating one large folder containing all desktop items. Or so that is how it appears to work.) But the large drawback that forces me to use "create a shared folder for all desktops" option is the cut/copy/paste issue. I don't understand the Windows limitation you mentioned, could you explain it a bit more? (I am trying to find a workaround, if one exists.) Since Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 and Desktop 3 are all separate folders under the "create each desktop as a different folder" option, and copying and pasting works between folders typically, I am not sure what is going on behind the scenes. Actually, after looking at how the "create a shared folder for all desktops" works by "hiding" other desktop's items, I expected this "bug" to actually affect that option, and not the "create each desktop as a different folder" option!

Thanks again for the help.