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Keeping a program in one desktop

Posted: 09.11.2014 16:23:25
by kelitt
Hi, I just installed dexpot and I love it :D
There's just one thing I would like to do and I can't seem to figure it out :(
I want to make it so that a specific program can't be switched between desktops (it's got small windows that go with it that don't get switched). I've tried making a rule to always move the program to a specific desktop but after I start it, I can switch the program to another desktop. I also tried to assign desktop, with no success.

The solution to my problem can be to always have that program in a specific desktop, or to disable switching between desktops after it's opened, either option works for me. How can I do it?

Thank you for your help :)

Re: Keeping a program in one desktop

Posted: 10.11.2014 18:03:01
by Patrick

Which program (the one with the small windows) are we talking about?