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can't send email in outlook - 'Send' button stays down

Posted: 06.09.2014 03:37:32
by stevelk
Dexpot particular configuration info:
o I've got a rule where the main Outlook window is copied to all 6 desktops, by matching the title bar text.
o I've checked the 'apply rule automatically' box.
o In the 'Do not apply rule to' area I've checked the 'Subordinate windows' box.

Other info:
o Dell Latitude E6430 16 GB
o 2X Samsung SyncMaster B2430 monitors
o Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1
o MS Outlook 2010 Professional Plus
o Dexpot 1.6.13, build 2429

That's it for anything that might affect the issue. the email window described below could be considered a subordinate window.

Here's the issue:

Sometimes, when I open a new email window, after I type the email, when I push the 'Send' button, the button lights up (i.e., depress indication), but does not 'pop up' when I release the mouse button, and (most importantly), the email is not sent. multiple attempts, same thing. if I dismiss the window, and tell Outlook to save the draft, then re-open the draft, it will send.

hep me, hep me, somebody hep me! - "Blazing Saddles"

Thanks :)


Re: can't send email in outlook - 'Send' button stays down

Posted: 07.09.2014 15:49:52
by Patrick

Does the problem go away when you disable the rule for Outlook?

Re: can't send email in outlook - 'Send' button stays down

Posted: 11.09.2014 02:24:45
by stevelk
Nope. Restarted and the same problem occurred. Seems more likely to happen now as well.

Honestly, it seems like the tool is degrading in general. It was flawless the first time I installed it - everything worked great for days.

Now, it seems like the 6 windows are not being managed independently, or something like that.

For example, after the restart, I open an existing a Chrome window on desktop 3 (has a few tabs open), then used the titlebar dexpot pulldown menu to move it to dt 6. it vanishes and is on dt 6 when I go look. But, it also is showing in every other dt as well. That seems like an error; I have to go to each dt and move it.

What's up? Do I need to reinstall?

I LOVED this tool when I first used it. I want to keep it!

Re: can't send email in outlook - 'Send' button stays down

Posted: 11.09.2014 03:04:40
by stevelk
OK, I screwed up. I didn't disable the Outlook rule, I disabled another rule (sorry, at work, trying to work :oops:

Anyway, it sends email now, but, honestly, why wouldn't it - Outlook is not on every desktop anymore w/o the rule, just desktop (dt) 1..

More info to come, RE other issues. Again, sorry about the wrong report.