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Full-screen preview and shortcuts

Posted: 02.09.2014 20:33:47
by Yury

At first, thank you for the nicest program! It's really excellent.

I have a suggestions regarding the full-screen preview feature.

I've assigned a shortcut to it: Ctrl+`
The first desktop: Ctrl+1, the second: Ctrl+2, etc.
And when I press Ctrl+`, I see the desktops and would like to activate the necessary desktop by pressing Ctrl+Num (maybe even not releasing Ctrl). That would be very nice and simple. But instead of desktop activating I see some highlight of the desktop rectangle. When I press Enter, I return to my previous desktop. When I press Esc, the new desktop is activated, and then Dexcube transition executes (already when new desktop is active, i.e. that is strange).

I believe that desktop shortcut should simply activate the necessary desktop. Even when the full-screen preview is active. And when this is the case (full-screen preview and shortcut), there is no animation should be. When I select the desktop with mouse (from within the full-screen preview window), there is no animation, and the shortcut key should simply work the same way.

Thank you very much!


Re: Full-screen preview and shortcuts

Posted: 02.09.2014 22:17:39
by Patrick

You can switch desktops in the full-screen preview with just the number keys, e.g. pressing 2 switches to the second desktop.

Re: Full-screen preview and shortcuts

Posted: 03.09.2014 05:49:58
by Yury
Dear Patrick,

Thank you, it works!
But it would be nice to have the user-defined desktop shortcuts working too.