Remote Desktop reverses monitors

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Remote Desktop reverses monitors

Postby bmac » 02.09.2014 18:13:36


Win 7 machine with two monitors. In Settings when I look at Switching Desktops and Monitors tab. I have two monitors showing . Monitor 2 is on the left and Monitor 1 is on the right. Which is backwards from what Win7 Control Panel shows. I select only the left hand monitor(#1) to be affected by desktop Switching. And everything works fine.

I use MS Remote Desktop on Mac with two monitors to remote into my Win7 machine. When I do the monitors come up fine, matching left and right. But when I switch desktops it works opposite to how I have it set in the Settings panel. I have to reverse it as long as I am working remotely. When I go back to the Win7 machine I have to change it back to how I had it set.

Two Questions:
1) Why does monitor 2 show on the left hand side in Settings > Switching Desktops > Monitors tab?
2) Is there anything I can do not to have to reverse the settings when I remote into the Win7 Machine?


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Re: Remote Desktop reverses monitors

Postby Patrick » 03.09.2014 14:38:10


1) It's only the numbers that are switched. Windows 7 likes to use a different monitor order internally from what it reports to other applications.

2) Not sure. I wasn't even aware that Remote Desktop had the ability to match multiple monitors on the host and client systems. We'll have to look into it.

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