Dexpot still showing in taskbar properties

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Dexpot still showing in taskbar properties

Postby guest951753 » 12.07.2014 15:08:38

Tried out Dexpot on my Windows 8.1 computer but I didn't like it so I uninstalled it. I was messing around with my taskbar properties and went to the customize task tray option; where you can choose which icons show up or when they show up. Dexpot.exe is still there as an option to select how and when it shows up when notifications appear. How can I get rid of this, and ensure that dexpot has no more traces on my computer?

Just to be clear. Right click on task bar > properties > Notification area: customize. This is where dexpot.exe is still showing up. I have checked the registry and dexpot is gone as well. Any suggestions?


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