Binding {WinKey + Key} not allowed?

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Binding {WinKey + Key} not allowed?

Postby velocd » 08.07.2014 17:21:39

I unbound the default Windows hotkeys using the following registry dword on Windows 8.1:

Dword: NoWinKeys
Value: 1

I never use them anyway, and would like to navigate to next/previous Dexpot using only {WinKey + LEFT} or {WinKey + RIGHT}, but it appears Dexpot is hard-coded to not allow rebinding default Windows hotkeys even if they're not registered by Windows?

Edit - According to this thread it may not be as simple as I thought. I may have to use AutoHotKey workarounds.

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Re: Binding {WinKey + Key} not allowed?

Postby Patrick » 13.07.2014 12:14:31


Dexpot is not hard-coded to disallow any particular hotkeys. If some Win key combination are still registered by Windows despite the NoWinKeys setting, then indeed AutoHotkey may be your best option.

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