Windows getting hidden very often

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Lachende Köchin
Lachende Köchin
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Windows getting hidden very often

Postby dkarr » 23.04.2014 00:49:33

On my old slow Win7 laptop, I often had issues with Dexpot that seemed likely due to the slowness of that laptop. I'm now using a much faster Win7 laptop, so many of those things that seemed like race conditions aren't happening anymore. However, even on this faster laptop, I'm seeing windows getting into a "hidden" state quite often. Today I've had to restore hidden windows 10-20 times.

When this happens, I can see the window on the status bar, and the thumbnail of the window comes up from the status bar, but when I left-click or right-click on the thumbnail, nothing happens.

I recently discovered how to get to the list of "Hidden" windows (the "Find Window" function), so at least I have a workaround, but I've had to do this many times today. I wish it were a little easier to get to that list. Once I get to the entry in the list, I have to right-click it and select "Show on current desktop". I would have at least thought that double-clicking on it would do that, but it does not.

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Re: Windows getting hidden very often

Postby jdop » 01.05.2014 06:44:29

I had the same problem for a long time, but lately it's gone away, using the same set of apps , but later versions of dexpot. I don't know if fixes were done or not, but the problem can be very annoying.

now , thankfully, it's rare to lose a window to the hidden state. There was some thought that if the app was 'busy' when the window was asked to move back into view, it would stay hidden

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