Please help a newbie work with icons!

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Please help a newbie work with icons!

Postby SoldOnParadise » 14.11.2013 21:43:37

I am new here and apologize in advance for asking a question that I'm sure has been asked many times in the past. Unfortunately, no matter where or how I search I can't find an explanation that makes much sense to me.

I'm running Windows 7, UAC is turned off, and run as administrator is not checked in the Dexpot settings. The following folders are on my C:\ drive under Users\Mike:

Desktop 3
Desktop 4

Currently, all of the icons on my original desktop show up on all four of the Dexpot desktops. I know how to configure them all to be hidden. What I don't know is how to have different icons on each desktop.

I tried moving icons from desktop1 to desktop4. They were removed from desktop1 but don't show up on desktop4. They are in the desktop4 folder on my hard drive.

Long story short, can someone please tell me step by step how to convert from my original desktop that is currently cluttered with icons, to having four virtual desktops that have different icons on each one of them, and how to have my computer always start with this new configuration?

Mahalo Nui Loa from Maui Hawaii



Re: Please help a newbie work with icons!

Postby Dddiou » 07.07.2014 12:27:43

I have the exact same problem..

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Re: Please help a newbie work with icons!

Postby Patrick » 13.07.2014 12:15:39


Are you sure it's this problem and not that one?

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Re: Please help a newbie work with icons!

Postby dext1 » 31.08.2014 23:47:27

This sounds similar if not exactly like my problem here:

I believe other users may experience this and uninstall rather than try out the forums. This is likely a bigger issue than it appears to be on these forums.

All my icons are transferred correctly and each desktop folder but they do not appear on the actual desktops

thanks for taking a look

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