Move window to Desktop X with mouse

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Move window to Desktop X with mouse

Postby tmoca » 29.04.2011 13:55:42

I think I may just be missing this...if not, it will be added to my 'Wish List" for future releases.

I would like to trigger the move of an active window to the a particular desktop, or next/previous desktop by using the mouse only. My like maybe a taskbar right click or middle click. Or a taskbar button middle or right click. Just a way without the kb.

I know I can right click the the taskbar and get the Dexpot menu, but would like a one click option, like there is with rollup, stay on top, etc.

Am I missing it or is this not a option...yet :)

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Re: Move window to Desktop X with mouse

Postby Patrick » 01.05.2011 18:54:04


You could try the Taskbar Pager plugin or the "Mouse switch" feature (Settings -> Controls -> Mouse switch), which allows you to drag windows across the edge of the screen to the next desktop.

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