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Can't open "configure desktops"

Posted: 11.10.2008 03:22:01
by davidma22
Simple solution.. what's the hotkey to show the Configure Desktops menu? Like an idiot I clicked "hide taskbar" without making sure I knew how to open the Dexpot menu.

Re: Can't open "configure desktops"

Posted: 11.10.2008 12:14:29
by Nebel

have a look in the Dexpot folder in the windows startmenu. If this contains a supmenu, there you'll find a shortcut to Configure Desktops.

If not, make a new shortcut with the following target or paste this into Run under XP or simply in the startseachbox under Vista: "C:\Program Files\Dexpot\dexpot.exe" /k