Production performance dashboard

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Production performance dashboard

Postby WinSPC » 06.05.2019 01:07:09

Hi Patrick,

I try to learn a bit more of this Dexpot software, it looks very interesting, we are trying to display production performance dashboards on a large screen in the main production area, but there are several large dashboards(Dashboard data will be updated in 15 minutes for production performance i.e. output and yield) for different section of production. I am thinking to put single dashboard into one desktop window(i.e. 7 different dashboard in 7 desktop window), and need those dashboards to be cycle through on the same screen in ~5 minutes interval, just need to know whether DEXPOT software is able to do this type of task without anyone to click or press any key on the keyboard, fully automatic, it will be like virtue desktop SLIDE SHOW (Not screen saver type of slide show on individual desktop). Please share with me your expertise advice.

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