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Switching between desktops

Posted: 06.03.2019 19:57:25
by the.fulgid
I just recently installed Dexpot on a new machine with Windows 10 and I've run into a problem switching between desktops. I can use the back and forward buttons on my mouse to switch between desktops just fine, but that only works if the focus is the desktop itself, and not on an open window open. Ideally what I like to use are the hotkeys, Alt+1, Alt+2, etc. However, those have not been working reliably.

I have three desktop spaces currently and the hotkeys will usually switch between 1 and 2. But I can't get it to switch to 3 at all. If I open the Desktop Preview or use my mouse buttons I can switch to it, but not with the hotkey. Also, once there I can't switch back to the first two desktops. I will push a the hotkey, the popup message SAYS it changed desktops, but the windows that should appear do not and the Desktop Preview shows it's still on 3. The same can happen when switching between 1 and 2 on occasion. I'll press the hotkey to switch, all the windows will disappear like the screen changed, but the windows on the desktop I switched to do not appear.

The other issue is that I cannot use hotkeys to move windows to a new desktop at all. Doesn't matter which screen it's on, moving the window with the hotkey doesn't work.

Re: Switching between desktops

Posted: 07.03.2019 20:23:03
by the.fulgid
Good news, I found out what was causing the problem. I had a secondary application installed that was also used for switching between desktops, and it was conflicting with Dexpot. I closed that and Dexpot works great again.