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Window desktop location scrambling on changing monitors

Posted: 05.11.2018 03:40:33
by hjay
Hi all,

I have a problem.

I usually remote connect to my PC from different locations with different screen sizes/number of monitors. Each time I do this, dexpot most times (especially for Chrome) sends all my Chrome windows to one desktop when I originally had ordered them in different ones.

It is quite frustrating as I most times have to re-order the windows again to the appropriate desktop, and when I remote connect again, the scrambles or just goes missing on my taskbar. When I use alt+tab I see the windows but it is not available on my taskbar.

Anyone with this similar problem of a scrambling windows to one desktop from other ones, and any solution?


Re: Window desktop location scrambling on changing monitors

Posted: 16.11.2018 19:49:01
by kgoodrick
I am having the same issue. When remote desktopping in all my windows get moved onto one monitor and get moved around between dexpot desktops. I have the same number of monitors on both computers, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the number of monitors with each computer.