why is firefox on all desktops?

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why is firefox on all desktops?

Postby davidtg » 30.04.2018 18:31:57

Hi, all --

I've been a Dexpot user for quite a while and have enjoyed it, but after a new install I find myself stuck without an answer. I'm on Win 7 and have never had a problem with FireFox and desktops before, but now all of my FF windows are on all desktops. The only difference I can find is that I've also switched from the dying XMarks to RoboForm, but Chrome doesn't have the same trouble.

Has anyone heard of problems with Win 7 6.1 SP1 + FFox ESR 52.7.2 + RoboForm 8 + Dexpot 1.6.14 b2439 ? Any ideas how to proceed?

David T-G


Re: why is firefox on all desktops?

Postby Zarniwoop » 19.03.2019 23:54:50

This question could be related to mine.

I have Firefox open in Desktop 6. If I click on a link, say in Desktop 2, it opens a tab in Firefox, but it is now in Desktop 2 as well as 6. I used to be able to "Move" the one in 2 into 6, but now the Dexpot menu doesn't appear, so I can't use that option of moving it. I have a keyboard shortcut to move it, but it doesn't move it (but it puts it behind any window).

I'm using Win7 and I've had this issue since I updated to the most recent version of Dexpot.

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Re: why is firefox on all desktops?

Postby vcg3rd » 23.01.2020 17:35:09

Firefox no longer provides a title bar by default. That is the bar in a application one has to click to get the move, minimize, close, etc. options. Dexpot is one of the options you get with right click on a title bar.

So, in Firefox right click menu bar. Click customize. At the bottom left, tick "title bar". Now Firefox has a title bar, and right clicking it gives the Dexpot menu you can use to move a window to a different desktop.

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