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Keeping Multiple Instances of Chrome to Permanently Stay at Different Desktops

Posted: 13.08.2017 03:11:09
by CerebralFreeze
Chrome really isn't a dedicated program. It can do so many different things. It also provides so much information. It would be a SMS messenger. It would be a password manager. Or it could be a research tool.

With all these different tasks, I like to have each instance of Chrome on a different desktop. For example, Desktop 1, Chrome would be opened as a messenger. On Desktop 2, a password manager. And another window as an account opener. On Desktop 3, I would like to have it opened up to Google so I could ask it random questions.

Is it possible to design it so that each of these instances of Chrome stays on the Desktop that it originally started at? And, when I open another instance of Chrome, it won't go to either Destop 1-3 but to any Desktop I want and have it always remain there until I tell it to move?

This is sort of a different question but on the taskbar, it ONLY shows the windows that are opened for that particular desktop. It doesn't show all the windows that are currently open on all desktops?