Not easy to use

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Not easy to use

Postby morgain » 23.07.2017 18:00:06

Disappointing - sorry because obviously lots of work on your side but it seems lots of separate things have been bolted together, and more bits added. The admin result is not logical and not easy to manage.

I wanted to set up several desktops each with their own names, then allocate icons to each, with some icons appearing on all desktops.
All of this is deeply buried.
I briefly found how to name a desktop. I named no. 1. The menu disappeared when I clicked OK. I then gave up after 45 mins search to find the menu page again.
No sign of any Help index or inline help.

The desktops seem to have picked up some of my applications without any instruction from me. So now I have to remember which desktop they are on. Also when I click my browser which I constantly do from anywaher, I now have to click, then select it on a particular desktop. This is annoying. I need to open a basic programme like browser direct from the bottom toolbar as usual - should be an override.

I also cannot see how to put a selection of documents (RTF files) and web pages on a specific desktop. This is the main reason why I want separate desktops.

I shall have to uninstall for now as it is interfering with my work.

I shall

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