Please don't call me stupid for this question.

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Please don't call me stupid for this question.

Postby CerebralFreeze » 12.06.2017 19:07:55

This question might be too easy for you long-term users so please don't make fun of me if it's so simple. I looked through the forum but couldn't find an answer.

Is it possible to have the taskbar only show the files that were original opened in that specific desktop. When I move to another desktop, the Word docs and Chrome windows I created also follow me and show up in the taskbar because I assigned Word and Chrome for all desktops. But, I want the Word docs I created in one desktop to stay at that specific desktop even if I move to another desktop. Then, when I create another new Word doc at the 2nd desktop and that 2nd Word doc stays at the 2nd desktop. So, everything stays were they are created.

For example, I want to create a desktop called Communications. So, I open all my gmail accounts, text messaging sites, VOIP sites via Google Chrome. Say this is Desktop 1.

Then, for Desktop 2, I want to call it Secret Project XXX. I open Google Chrome to use web-based project management software. But I don’t want any of the Google Chrome sites I opened in Desktop 1 to show up in Desktop 2’s taskbar. Neither do I want any of the Google Chrome sites I opened in Desktop 2 to show up in Desktop 1’s taskbar. I want every file to show in the desktop taskbar it was originally opened. However, right now, the taskbar shows all programs and files that are opened.

If I assigned a program like Google Chrome or Microsoft Word to all desktops, all opened documents follow me to every desktop I go to.

Can I train these little puppies to stay in the Desktop’s taskbar where they were original opened? And not follow me around ike good little doggies whenever I move to a different desktop? And when I come back to that original desktop, they will be there waiting patiently for me?

Solution #1:
I guess I can just assign Google Chrome to Desktop 1, and then it will just stay there but I really need to use Google Chrome for other purposes at other desktops because I'll be opening different websites. So this solution won’t work for me.

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