WinLaunch and RocketDock with Dexpot?!

Post any technical problems or questions you have while using or configuring Dexpot.
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WinLaunch and RocketDock with Dexpot?!

Postby CerebralFreeze » 14.05.2017 20:54:14

Anyone have experience using the following programs with Dexpot:

1. WinLaunch
2. RocketDock

Major slowdowns with the computer? Or smooth sailing? Any suggestions like use WinLaunch on only one desktop or face freezing screens? Should I just forget about RocketDock in the first place or else face the possibility of throwing my computer across the room?

In other words, I'd rather not download them, spend millions of hours to make it works then uninstall which I really hate because not only due to the possible maleware but more than that, just uninstalling them will clutter up my registry.

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