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Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 22.05.2006 23:02:43
by Shane
Great little program. I also have problems with the memory leak. So as a workaround I have the PC set to restart everyday and auto login. The only problem I have now is how to auto start/enable the slide show.

Posted: 22.05.2006 23:59:00
by Nebel

running the 1.4? In the Dexpot folder in the start menu you'll find a folder called mainmenue. In this folder there is a Shortcut to the Slideshow. Simply move or copy it to the autostart folder.

If there isnt't a shortcut you can set it manualy. The parameter to start the slideshow via shortcut is:
C:\Program Files\Dexpot\dexpot.exe /s


Posted: 30.05.2006 16:21:27
by Guest
It did try this, however, someone still has to manually select the time in sec and press the apply button. Are there switches to pass these elements on?

Thanks for the reply,


Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 13.12.2010 15:34:01
by Guest
This still seems an issue.

There appears to be now way to autostart the slideshow from the command line.

Any idea anyone ?

Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 15.12.2010 19:11:33
by Patrick

You could write a small script using something like AutoHotkey to simulate the "Start slideshow" hotkey and call it from the command line.

Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 31.12.2014 00:04:38
by jbeesd

Im also looking for something like this. Could you provide an example script for this??? We have a setup using 4 monitors and slideshow with 10 sec timers. We would like to be able to automatically stop the slide show at a set time so the monitors will go into power saving/shut off without us having to manually stop slideshow and power the screens off.

Thank you,


Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 27.02.2015 19:31:02
by jbeesd
I have attempted many different scripts to sent the alt-h command to halt the slideshow without success! Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have tried using vbs with sendkeys and appactivate. I have assigned the keyboard shrotcut of ALT + h to stop the desktop slideshow.

Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 23.04.2015 20:39:01
by jbeesd
I have been attempting to use a very simple script to send a controlsend !h. I have not been successful in finding the correct "title". I have attempted to use dexpot.exe, Dexpot64.exe, DexControl.exe, and Slideshow.exe without success.

Here is a sample of my ahk script: "ControlSend,, !h, (name of exe here)"

Any suggestions??

Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 23.04.2015 20:50:09
by jbeesd
:oops: just got it running .......

was a simple send !h exit

Re: Auto Start the slideshow

Posted: 03.06.2015 10:44:03
by milan081
I‘m looking for something like this !!!