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by decipherfreak
08.01.2012 10:54:35
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Topic: Hide taskbar icons
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Hide taskbar icons

Hi, I just did a fresh windows install changing from 32bit to 64bit. After installing Dexpot, I can't figure out how to hide the taskbar icon (not the system tray icon). Help?
by decipherfreak
20.04.2010 05:10:45
Forum: Support
Topic: Conflict with Taskbar Eliminator
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Conflict with Taskbar Eliminator

I am using Taskbar Eliminator to completely hide my taskbar (autohide leaves a blue line) but when I use Dexpot, the taskbar no longer stays hidden when I switch between desktops. If I switch to another desktop and back, the taskbar is back again. Also, if I try just autohiding my taskbar, whenever ...

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